A note from Megan C. Conley (formerly Megan B. Christy)

Thank you visiting my website. As many of you may know I got married a while back to a wonderful man. We quickly decided to start a family, and after a long and hard pregnancy, we were recently blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. The past two months have been wonderful, staying home and watching him grow. It has been so nice in fact that I have decided to close my law firm for the time being and focus on being a full time mom to my little boy.

I am no longer accepting new clients. However, now that my life has settled down somewhat, if you are a former client and need to update your planning, feel free to give me a call and we can work out the details.

Also in case you are confused about the different name, I changed my name and my law firm.s name from Megan B. Christy and the Christy Law Firm, LLC to Megan C. Conley and the Conley Law Firm, LLC. Please update your contact information for me.

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